Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's interesting.  Lately I have been seeing others posting things on FB that shock even me.  Honestly, people that I know and I'm very good friends with.  People that I personally know are good, even great, people.  I will even go as far as to say many of these people are holy and righteous people.   But I believe sometimes even these people don't realize what they post online is perhaps provocative or inappropriate.

Men and women alike (myself included sometimes) struggle with thought life.  No, I am not just talking about outlandishly naked/gross pictures, movies and such.  But judgements, gossip and things of this nature as well.  I think sometimes we can all be a little loose with things we post, forgetting that people young and old alike read what we post.
"WHAT?! People actually read what's on my page?"

YES.  They do.
Especially younger people.  Let's be honest, they are rather impressionable and we need to be careful to show the next generations what is and isn't appropriate.

I read a post from someone I just recently friended that said this:

For all you young ladies or older ladies who thinks it's appropriate to post swimsuit pictures of yourselves on facebook, it's not. What's happened to modesty as a follower of Christ.... That is my soap box for the night.

I started to think about it... and had just complimented a friend on how cute she looked in her bathing suit the other day when I saw the pic on FB... (and she did!) but I feel as though this person with above status is right... we often forget that other people are looking on and we are becoming a stumbling block.
Also with words, quotes and other things.

Again, I am not even looking down on people.  Just giving some food for thought to all of us.  Just for us all to be careful of our words, actions, and our pictures.  Also- let's not forget as web is becoming more and more how we communicate, we should make sure things we say on here as if we were saying/showing these things in person.  Would that change what we said/did?

I will leave everyone with this:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.
Ps. 19:14

Another point I thought of later as well- especially this:  We do need to be careful of what others can see... especially guys!!!  Not saying it's just guys but honestly I was looking at my FB page and my husband looks over and says "Whoaaa!!!"  And turns his head away, I hadn't realized he was looking further down the page and he had seen a picture of a girl who was wearing something inappropriate.  So before you post, think about what you are doing to people's husbands.  I had no idea until I was married what guys really think.  It's more than most girls know and understand.  So please again, ladies, be careful what you are posting.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello all-

Hope you are doing well this week.  It's been a rough week here around the Walker house.  My children have been a big challenge this week.  Yes challenge- that's the kind way to pull it.  My daughter is almost three and she has been going into my almost one yr olds room and messing things up in his room and "playing" with him.  The other day she decided to cover them both in diaper rash cream.  Oh yes... and it took about 2 hours to bathe them from start to finish.  It seemed like that morning all I did was feed, bathe, dress and feed the kids and it was nap time again.  Which was good because my nerves were shot!
Anyways- enough complaining.  I am grateful and in love with my kids; sometimes they try our patience but in the end it always gives us opportunities to show the Father to them.  Our reactions are what they see.

So onto the main event!
So my husband and I were having a fabulous conversation about healing.  We were talking about God's nature and how lots of people see it a little different than what reality is.  Some people see God as an Old Testament God where he punishes and is harsh, turns people into salt, sends plagues, etc.  They still feel it is in God's nature to give sickness to people today.  Which I disagree with now.  Not so long ago, I might not have agreed with the statement though. Maybe God does it to "make us better people" kinda idea.  However, I am not saying if you go with God no harm will befall you.  This isn't true, and is hard to believe.  I don't know how many different times I have read or heard "bad things happen to good people."  Truth is, we live in a world filled with sin and it's not perfect because of the sin we (Adam and Eve) brought onto humans.  So until Jesus comes back and the end times and we are all restored- things aren't going to be 100% until then!
So therefore people think at times that God gives us sickness because that's his nature.  That was his nature (as most see and understand it) before he sent his son, Jesus.  Still with me?  Ok good... then you look at verses like John 14:7-11 and the first chapter of Hebrews.  My husband said "... so Jesus came to reveal the Father."  Then I looked at these verses today and thought again about what my hubby said...

Reveal?!  Last night shockingly after hearing these verses possible hundreds of times- I guess I had never thought deeply about what Jesus was showing us more than any other thing! So that word reveal jumped out at me.
Revealing from dictionary.com says:
1.) to make known;
2.)to lay open to view
3.)revelation; disclosure

  So we can take away from that that Jesus was showing us something that we hadn't known about God yet.  Some things about his nature.  Well lets look at Jesus' life?  What did he do?  Fed people, fellowshipped, discipled, healed, raised the dead and so much more... but in all that at the root of it is what?

Love.  Jesus came to show us the love of the Father.  A side to him it might have been difficult to see in the Old Testament.  A side my almost three year old might not have seen the other day when I took her into the other room, told her she was in trouble, told her why, then spanked her.  She didn't see that she could have hurt her brother had he had an allergic reaction to the diaper rash (we hadn't used it on his sensitive skin yet...). But the root behind it is LOVE.  All those things because I love her.. and my Father loves me.
I love seeing new sides to God.  Just like I love finding out new things about my husband.  It continues to show me that this journey we are on is never ending.  That we are always learning new things.
I love that excitement about my relationship with God.

Well I leave that with you to ponder.  Please bring any and all comments.  I welcome them.  Thanks for visiting! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Where does our food come from?

Grocery stores? Yes but where? A farm?  What kind of place? Is this the largest farm of places like this?

What about the meat you get?  From chickens, beef, eggs? Produce?
I have really been challenged by this subject lately.  I have had several people in the past tell me about this and how much it means and so I bought organic milk... for Hailee.
That was my gateway into all this.  Then I wondered why I did that... and why shouldn't I look more into it for us and for the food etc.   So I did.  So surprised by what I found!!!
I mean think about it (I hadn't until then...) look at what we cook for dinner each week??  Not to mention how much fast food we eat, too.

Now please don't hear this as me on my soapbox.  That would mean I am looking down upon everyone from above.  No no... I am still just talking about what I have been thinking and why I am thinking that way and starting to make some changes.  Also-  if you guys have noticed lately I'm not in the best of shape.  Ok let's just be honest.  I am not in great shape at all.  But I am trying to get there.  And again I am just trying to explain why I am not above anyone... that I'm on the same level as everyone else.

So with the help of my friend Angel, and the movies Food Inc. and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead I have slowly changed how my family and I are eating.  (I highly recommend both movies by the way).
Basically it talks about mostly how most of the food Americans eat now is processed so there are no nutrients in them.  Which I totally believe.  Then most of the "good" food we think we are eating- fruits, veggies, meat... are made badly.  With pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc... blech.   It just sounds nasty. But then when watching those movies you see the results of bad eating vs. great eating.
We now buy only either organic or natural grass fed, free range meat.  All of our milk and most produce are from a nearby farmers market.  A friend, Shanna, introduced us to that.  It's so easy.  You order online and pickup once a week what you would like.
You can find that if you are in the Augusta Area at http://augusta.locallygrown.net/

Also I know that it can be pretty expensive.  Especially as I am a couponer.  I can get other foods for FREE sometimes... so it is really hard to make that choice to pay so much more than free than normal for these organic, natural and local foods.  So again, believe me... it's not easy for my wallet either.  So again, I'm with you there.  But there is more.  Much more that we are called to by our Father, who loves us.

Well so basically we as people, but really more as Christians, are called to this:
19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

God paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live- and not just live but thrive.  Us putting junk into our bodies is not the best way to go about thanking him for the temporary home that is our bodies.
Like I said, I have a long way to go.  And I am NOT one to go totally one sided with this and refuse meals, potlucks, and other food if I am unable to eat healthier.  God sees our hearts just like anything else... so I don't think eating totally non organic food at a friends while fellowshipping grieves the Lord.

Another awesome blog I have been reading is RiddleLove it is a family out of California.  Some of you might know the Father/Husband in the family as Jeremy Riddle I have talked about before? His wife and he are doing some amazing things not only for the kingdom of the Lord, but their home as well!  And isn't that where the Kingdom work really starts? Well done Riddle family! You are an inspiration... even here in lil Augusta, GA!

Anyways-  her blog impresses me and I can hardly understand it all.  But I'm trying.  And I'd love to get there someday.  I hope I am somewhere near there in about 10 yrs.  But we will see.
Please feel free to post and ask any questions but like I am saying, I might not know the answer to them, but I will sure try!!!

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's been too long...

So I haven't given up on this blogging thing.  Well not really.

While you might disagree seeing that I haven't written in months... (yes that long!) I can assure you I am going to try and do better.  I have been so busy with life.  Two kids, vacations, church, worship and more can make a busy person busier.  ACK!  But I was very inspired by one of my friends, "J" and I have very much enjoyed her blog so I decided it was time for me to dust of the keyboard.

Anyways, onwards.  I have been rather disturbed by all the negativity regarding the Casey Anthony trial.  Don't get me wrong, (I personally am not God so I can't say with absolute certainty that she murdered her...) if she did murder her child, it is very sad.  I obviously don't condone murder.  It's a sin and a big one.  However, I believe this woman is sick.  
But onto my main point:

I have been distressed at all the comments and people so angry towards the jury and the trial.  What I am not understanding is where is the faith? Faith in our Father the one who truly gives justice??

Hebrews 10:30:  30 For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”[e] 31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

So clearly here we see that we need to trust in God.  Not all things are right with the world.  There are people hungry, being abused and people lying, cheating and stealing.  This happens no matter what country, state, province, large land body or whatever you live in or on.    Our job, our assignment is to until all things are right, when we are sitting at the right hand of our Father, to bring Heaven to earth.  To bring God's kingdom here.  To reach out and heal the sick?

Could this have been different if someone had reached out and said to Casey, "can I pray with you"?  There could have been a number of different outcomes.  She could have been healed of these things going on!!! What an amazing thing that would have been.

So I just encourage us all to lean into God's faithfulness even when we can't see the whole picture.  To reach out to those who need more of Jesus in their lives.
Let's be looking for opportunity to reach out to God.

So I will leave you with a personal story:
Just a few weeks ago on Father's day I was at a restaurant where an older lady was with three younger children alone.  She seemed frazzled, stressed and like she wanted someone to lean on.  So as we were about to leave I asked her if I could pray with her.  She agreed and right there I prayed with her.  She was grateful and I saw her leave with some hope.  Turns out she is related by marriage to a Vineyard pastor in the Southeast area.  Very cool.
I don't know how it will turn out or what will happen but I know I am being faithful stepping out in Him to see what he wants to do.  LOVE it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Space...

So my husband is amazing.  We have been married for almost 6 years. May 28th.  *Insert loving sigh*  So he has been reading a lot of things by a guy named Bill Johnson.  He is the senior pastor at Bethel Church.
Now I have to digress and say some things about books.  

I used to hate them because in high school they were annoying.  
Then when I started reading in college for pleasure, I liked them.
Then I loved them.  I read all kinds of things.
Then I became a mom.   Sigh.  With this comes almost no time to yourself.  I, even today, was telling a friend how I only shower every other day (unless I get sweaty or gross) because it is a luxury to shower when you have 2 kids under 2 1/2 and under, a husband and a cousin living with you.  Plus leading worship, a small group (with my husband), and cooking and cleaning... and the list goes on.

By the end of the day I am just so ready to not think.  About anything.  Nothing.  Maybe stupid TV or something- but that is about all for me some nights.  Can I get an Amen?!  
SO- Reading has become a task.  Books stare at me, I have a list that is SO long of books to read... I do really want to read them.  But also-  I don't want to read them.  It's time and effort.  Two things that I don't have much of.  I would rather be listening to, writing or participating to worship music.   Or having great conversation with my friends, family and especially my best friend (my hubby).  

So all that to say-  I haven't read as much Bill Johnson as my husband.  But I have heard many of his teachings.  They are really great.   Love everything he is about.  

He is about God's presence.  I actually had the pleasure of going to a round table with Jeremy Riddle. We discussed things about worship, and as worship leaders certain things that we encounter.  I really basically asked him, how do we better usher people into God's presence?  I just want to be such a conduit so that I can give people a way to express their true hearts to God and approach his thrown.  So that heaven opens up and reigns down.  I want God to use the talents He gave me so that breakthrough and healing happens.  
Can you tell I am ALL about this?! But I digress.  Jeremy was talking about how he doesn't know any other single person that wants the presence of God for himself and for everyone more than Bill Johnson. I love that.  Brian had me watch this AMAZING (yes that good) part of the new Bethel Live CD that just came out.  It has a DVD part that is SO amazing.  (Really the whole CD is amazing...) I love it so much.  
Anyways, I loved what one of the singers Steffany Frizzell spoke about this amazing concept here.

If you continued to read without watching the link up there.  Please go back. It's not long.  But will stay with you I really think. 
It talks about the love our Father has for us.  The fact that he did everything he could to get to us.  He went to a cross and paid it all for us by dying and becoming the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  So now, if there is any space in worship (this is musical as well as an everyday worship lifestyle) between Jesus and us, it is created by us.  So in worship our goal should be to move anything in that space that isn't Him.  Any distractions, sin, unbelief or anything... we should just meet God where he met us.  Face to face and really soak in that presence.  

So that is my goal.  God, thank you for doing your part and coming all this way.  I am going to do my best to do mine and come meet you there.  I love you.  You are my life.  I want to do all I can to show you that.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So this week I am co-leading worship with a very dear friend of mine.  Josh Scott and I have been friends since we were kids.  In fact, my older sister even babysat for him and his family.  So our history is great.  He has also grown up in the same church I have, Vineyard church of Augusta.  

So this week we were trying to find a song we both liked and we talked to our main worship leader, Eben Brusco.  He suggested a few, one of which was Hosanna.  He said, "...since it is Palm Sunday."  I thought to myself... 
Oh yea.  It IS Palm Sunday.  *thunk*  That (if you were wondering...) was the "Should have had a V8" slap to the forehead.  

So I decided to read the passages and look up the info on it. Yes I have read the story... many times.  But how many of you can correctly account EVERY story.   Plus, who reads the Bible through just once, and is satisfied with that.  Good refresher, really.   :)  So of course I turned to Wiki pages to get some info and exact passages.  It tells me where it is in all 4 gospels.  Nice.  
So I turn to Matthew 21:1-11 and read the story.  
So here's the short version:

Jesus was coming into Jeruselum.  He asks two deciples to grab him a donkey.
They do. He gets on it and rides into town.
People put down palm leaves and their cloaks on the ground as he comes in. 
They start shouting "Hosanna" and other praises.  
People ask who it is, others reply to them: "Jesus".  

So simple story, really... but some things I never read never understood before today was what "hosanna" really meant.
Wiki states:
The word Hosanna is derived from the Hebrew word: "Hoshana" (הושענא) is a Hebrew word meaning please save or save now.

Hmmm... please save?  Save now? Wow... I have sang this word hundreds of times... literally.  I can honestly say that I never knew that before now.  
It makes so much sense though.  At that time they knew Jesus was their Savior, however, some people thought Jesus would save them from the political oppression they were under, or some other oppression... however Jesus came to save them from themselves... from the sin we as man created.  These people were calling out to be saved but really didn't know what they would truly be saved from.

There are so many times I ask for my husband, or sister, or mom, or other family to save me.  Ha!  You think I am kidding... there have been so many times with my sister I called to ask for her help with things. Especially my kids!  I have a 2 1/2 year old, Hailee, and a 6 month old, Nathaniel.  When I was pregnant with Nathaniel there were times I wasn't sleeping and I was so exhausted I was doing all I could to make it to her nap time.  I then thought I would try and nap then.  So I would wait, and of course it would just so happen that that day Hailee wouldn't nap.  Or would scream... or something!  I would call my wonderful sister and she would ride up in her van (at the time I called her my knight in silver mini van) and take Hailee for a few hours.

I felt cared for, I felt loved.  I was able to rest.  Awesome.  
(Shout out: Thank Sissa! I love you!!! :D  )

Then it dawned on me.  This love of Jesus'... how amazing. We call out for him, and say, "Save us" and we think he is just going to help with some political unrest... and then dies on the cross for all of our sins.  Yours and mine!!! Amazing.  He comes through for us in so much more than we asked of him.
Isn't that just like our God?  Our Lord, who knows exactly what we need and when?  Ugh.  Wow.  He is so good.
So today Lord, we say Hosanna and you hear us.  We ask for your saving grace, Father... and you come through for us.  You are faithful. You are gracious and you are GOOD.

I will leave you all with the song we are singing Sunday:

Hosanna/Praise is Rising

Praise is rising, eyes are turning to You
We turn to You
Hope is stirring, hearts are yearning for You
We long for You
‘Cause when we see You, we find strength to face the day
In Your presence, all our fears are washed away
Washed away

Hosanna Hosanna
You are the God who saves us,
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna Hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome You here Lord Jesus

Hear the sound of hearts returning to You
We turn to You
In Your kingdom broken lives are renewed
You make us new
‘Cause when we see You, we find strength to face the day
In Your presence, all our fears are washed away
Washed away

Hosanna Hosanna
You are the God who saves us,
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna Hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome You here Lord Jesus

‘Cause when we see You, we find strength to face the day
In Your presence all our fears are washed away
‘Cause when we see You we find strength to face the day
In Your presence, all our fears are washed away
Washed away

Hosanna Hosanna
You are the God who saves us,
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna Hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome You here Lord Jesus

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First one...

It's so hard for me to start one of these.  Blogs.  Is it a trend?  Of course it is.  I mean, people of course have been doing this for years and years.  I myself have had something of the sort (starting with open diary of course...) since about--- oh--- 10th grade perhaps? That sounds about right.  Then there was Xanga, which was out in the OPEN.   Dum dum DUMMMM.  People could see what you were writing?  Well, sure, people could see others passive aggressive posts since AIM.

stingray1051: (Away) Sigh.  I wish this guy would call me.  But I guess he's just into this OTHER someone, and not me.  I wish he liked me and not her.  I wish he would call me.

Then later pretending it wasn't seen by EVERYone on your friends list.
Oh I am soooo sorry!  Did you see my little rant?  Oops.  I was just venting.  I thought the computer was the only one going to see that.
Uh huh.  Right.

So then I went private.  Opendiary.  So good.  I would love to get back into mine and see what it said.  I wonder what my little high school mind thought was important.

Then there was Xanga in college.  Oh Xanga.  This is where so many good things happened.  It was where your diary was made SO open for everyone to see.

Then the fad fell.  At least some people tried to keep it going.... and perhaps did.   Then blogs boomed.  In what, 2007 or so?  But then in the last several years people have made some serious money off these things!  Which brings me back to 1.  
(Can you tell I digress?  If you are going to follow me here... get used to it! HA!)

I am not writing this blog for popularity, fame, fortune or money.  That isn't to say, those things wouldn't be half bad of course, but my main purpose here is elevate God.  Bringing glory to Him is my purpose in life.  I love to sing, play music, and participate in things that bring him glory.

I really don't feel like this blog will have much in the way of a direct focus of a singular thing, but many different sum of a lot of parts.  That's who I am.
A Wife.  6 years   :D
Mom.  2 kids.  <3
Singer. Lalalaaaa.
Couponer.   Cha CHING!
Listener.   *crickets*  <--- that's me being quiet and listening
Mentor.   Teaching!
Challenger.  I like to help stretch others!
Musician.  A passion.
Writer. (trying here...)
Friend.  Love you guys!
Foodie.   Delicious!
Just to name a few...

I won't type out and tell you how perfect I am or anything as I sit here with spit up soaked into my shirt from two hours ago I haven't bothered to even change out of.  Or a broken person to start off, who was just redeemed by God and His amazing grace. However, I want to share thoughts, ideas, questions with you guys and I just ask the same in return.
I'm sure this will start empty at first.   But I have faith God will bring me everything I need with this blog.  Even if it's just a quiet sounding board between Him and I.

I love you, God.  You are faithful, true and you never change.  You are worthy of all the praise I can muster from the bottom of my heart and soul.  Amazing, you are.