Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's interesting.  Lately I have been seeing others posting things on FB that shock even me.  Honestly, people that I know and I'm very good friends with.  People that I personally know are good, even great, people.  I will even go as far as to say many of these people are holy and righteous people.   But I believe sometimes even these people don't realize what they post online is perhaps provocative or inappropriate.

Men and women alike (myself included sometimes) struggle with thought life.  No, I am not just talking about outlandishly naked/gross pictures, movies and such.  But judgements, gossip and things of this nature as well.  I think sometimes we can all be a little loose with things we post, forgetting that people young and old alike read what we post.
"WHAT?! People actually read what's on my page?"

YES.  They do.
Especially younger people.  Let's be honest, they are rather impressionable and we need to be careful to show the next generations what is and isn't appropriate.

I read a post from someone I just recently friended that said this:

For all you young ladies or older ladies who thinks it's appropriate to post swimsuit pictures of yourselves on facebook, it's not. What's happened to modesty as a follower of Christ.... That is my soap box for the night.

I started to think about it... and had just complimented a friend on how cute she looked in her bathing suit the other day when I saw the pic on FB... (and she did!) but I feel as though this person with above status is right... we often forget that other people are looking on and we are becoming a stumbling block.
Also with words, quotes and other things.

Again, I am not even looking down on people.  Just giving some food for thought to all of us.  Just for us all to be careful of our words, actions, and our pictures.  Also- let's not forget as web is becoming more and more how we communicate, we should make sure things we say on here as if we were saying/showing these things in person.  Would that change what we said/did?

I will leave everyone with this:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.
Ps. 19:14

Another point I thought of later as well- especially this:  We do need to be careful of what others can see... especially guys!!!  Not saying it's just guys but honestly I was looking at my FB page and my husband looks over and says "Whoaaa!!!"  And turns his head away, I hadn't realized he was looking further down the page and he had seen a picture of a girl who was wearing something inappropriate.  So before you post, think about what you are doing to people's husbands.  I had no idea until I was married what guys really think.  It's more than most girls know and understand.  So please again, ladies, be careful what you are posting.  

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  1. What a wise commentary. Did you ever think you would feel this strongly as a premarried young woman? It's amazing how God can change our hearts! I hope people take this to heart.
    Lisa p